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Resources and discussions

You can add resources and discussions:

  1. You can create a topic by using the ‘+’ button in the header menu.
  2. When creating the topic, you can select the type (news, blog, document or a discussion) and you can add title, description, image, and attachments. You can also select the visibility and have three options: public (visible to everyone including people who are not a member), community (visible only to logged in members), and Groups members (visible only to members of the group that you may choose). You can select a group to have the topic featured in, such as GCYPS Knowledge Management. Should you wish to have the topic featured as part of the resource library on, please click ‘include in resource library’ at the bottom of the page and click the box.
  3. Your resource and discussion will be viewable in ‘topics’ and possibly under resources and in groups, pending your choices when creating the topic.