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Knowledge management

The GCYPS Knowledge Management working group seeks to enhance a coordinated and coherent approach to advancing youth, peace and security globally that builds on experiences and lessons learned, including by young people themselves, and connects the realities that young peacebuilders face to policy discussions at the United Nations and regional organisation headquarters and national capitals, and vice versa.

You can join the GCYPS Knowledge Management Group:

At the platform you can access resources, engage in groups on youth, peace and security, and see youth, peace and security events.

You can also add your own resources and initiate collaboration with others by creating groups.

Further guidance on knowledge management
Youth4Peace is a platform on which users can collaborate with others by creating groups to gather people with the same interests, expertise or tasks; sharing information and creating a discussion with a post or a topic. Users can explore the whole community through the explore function and the search function. Furthermore, users are always up to date with the latest activities of the community via an activity stream and personal notification.