UN Peacebuilding Support Office, in partnership with PeaceNexus Foundation and UN Volunteers programme, is launching a Thematic Review on Local Peacebuilding aiming to better understand good practices globally, as well as results and lessons learned from the UN Peacebuilding Fund projects focused on local community-based peacebuilding initiatives. 5 young and emerging evaluators (National Specialist UNVs) will be deployed for a three-four months assignment (June-September 2021) to help undertake field research in the selected case study locations: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Kyrgyzstan, and Western Balkans (with young researchers deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, as per UN SCR 1244). Guided by a senior Team Leader, young and emerging evaluators will conduct local data collection and analysis activities (such as local community consultations and stakeholder interviews), validate findings with communities, and contribute to the drafting of the report.

If you are an early-career professional, with a Bachelors’ degree and at least two years of relevant work experience at the national level in monitoring, evaluation, reporting, or research, we encourage you to apply. Experience with local peacebuilding efforts is an advantage. Candidates must be nationals or resident permit holders of these countries. Applicants between 22-32 y.o. are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will receive a benefits and entitlements package, including a monthly living allowance. The applications close on April 7th, please apply here:

You can find more information on the PBF website and UNV website.