On the sidelines of the High-Level Global Conference on Youth-Inclusive Peace Processes, Asian Youth Peace Network, ASEAN Young Public Servants, and @AsiaTVStudios believe in the power of the local and regional to form leaders who are dedicated to serve the public good and promote good governance. Leaders make other leaders happen - creating ripples of change is the soul of Leaving Nobody Behind. This e-magazine series was published in support of the Peace in Our Cities campaign, a network of 20 cities and 30 community-based and international partners, as well as the Global Coalition on Youth Peace Security - Youth in Politics Task Force.


Nidal Benali - Morocco
Nidal Benali - Kingdom of Morocco​​


SM Shaikat - Bangladesh
SM Shaikat - Bangladesh
Briana Carbajal - USA
Briana Carbajal - United States of America
Alina Kozikova - Russia
Alina Kozikova - Russian Federation
Pegah Moulana - UK
Pegah Moulana - United Kingdom


Christiana Xeonofontos - European Union
Christiana Xenofontos - Europe
Sameh Kamel - Egypt
Dr. Sameh Kamel - Arab States
Mohammed Edabbar - Libya
Mohamed Edabbar - Libya
Asyraf Adlan - Malaysia
Asyraf Adlan - Malaysia
Atty. Migs Nograles - Philippines
Atty. Migs Nograles - Philippines