The Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton are two double-cab pickup trucks that are fun to drive. In addition to being difficult to deal with, the look has improved.

Toyota Hilux 2022 Philippines has a traditional appearance on the outside, but the lighting has a contemporary twist. With a different bulb model between the top and bottom, the Triton appears more futuristic.

These two automobiles' cabins must also be compared, in addition to their exteriors. Furthermore, with the use of more quality materials in this generation, there have been advances in terms of comfort.

The design, like that of the Hilux interior, is highly appealing, with a stacked dashboard layout. Furthermore, when utilized off-road, the inside is primarily comprised of black plastic, which is robust and easy to clean.

The steering wheel and leather-upholstered seats have a quality feel to them. The bench also has electronic settings and a steering wheel that can be tilted and telescopically adjusted (back and forth and up and down).

The head unit, which has a touch screen and many capabilities like radio, bluetooth, aux, and USB, is located in the center of the dashboard. Then there's a digital AC setting with automatic adjustment at the bottom.

Turning to the back of the cabin, it's a welcome reprieve, especially for those under the height of 177 cm.

Editors with a height of 178 cm do not feel claustrophobic in the back compartment. Legs may be tucked beneath the front bench to make it more comfortable, however the backrest cannot be adjusted and is fairly upright.

The dashboard of the Triton is also fairly straightforward, unlike the Hilux's multilayer design. The majority of the material is black plastic with silver accents in the centre and a hint of piano black.

A touch screen is also used in the entertainment system. Bluetooth, USB, and Apple CarPlay connectivity are also available to keep you entertained during your journey.

The dominating black interior of the back cabin is likewise extremely roomy. Because the backrest is fixed and cannot be reclined, the seating posture cannot be altered very much.