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Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action

Youth4Peace Facilitator • 24 May 2016


The participants of the World Humanitarian Summit High-Level Special Session on Transforming Humanitarian Action with and for Young People, gathered in Istanbul, Turkey, to ensure that the priorities, needs and rights of young women and young men, girls and boys affected by disaster, conflict, forced displacement and other humanitarian crises, are addressed, and that they are informed, consulted, and meaningfully engaged throughout all stages of humanitarian action.

Drawing on the relevant international and regional instruments, the Doha Youth Declaration on Reshaping the Humanitarian Agenda, the Global Refugee Youth Consultations, the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, and the outcomes of other processes led by, involving and/or targeting young people, we call for a long-term commitment from stakeholders to the following actions.

WHS Compact