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16 x 16 Blog Series

The 16 x 16 blog series recognizes and makes visible the leadership, agency and visions of 16 young people in the area of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16) on peaceful, just and inclusive societies. 16 blogs are authored by the participants of the 16 x 16 Initiative and will be available online during summer and autumn 2019.

16 x 16 BLOGS

#1: SDG 16: Our Life, Our Future - What do YOUth mean by Meaningful Inclusion?
By Lynrose Jane D. Genon, co-director of Youth Amplifying, Co-Creating and Advocating Peace (Project YACAP); part of Young Women + for Peace and Leadership in the Philippines (YW+PL-PH); 16 x 16 participant.

#2: Conflict resolution from resilience and peacebuilding
By Dalia Francheska Marquez Anez, President of United Youth in Action (Venezuela); 16 x 16 participant.

#3: Youth drive Peace Advocacy
By Elisha Bano, Act It Network; 16 x 16 participant

#4: Why innovative grassroots approaches matter to build inclusive peace
By Sihem Nasraoui, Peace Lab; 16 x 16 participant

More blogs by the 16 x 16 participants will be listed as they become available.

16 x 16 participants