Syrian Youth Assembly | Survey On Syrian Youth Participation In Peace Talks

Youth4Peace Facilitator • 3 November 2017
Syrian Youth Assembly Survey

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The Syrian Youth Assembly (SYA) was set up by a group of Syrian youth who were present at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. SYA is a platform for young Syrians to work together to build peace. This initiative is fully youth-led and SYA want to engage as many Syrian youth (18-29 years old) around the world.

SYA has launched a survey1 to collect qualitative data regarding the opinions of Syrian youth about peace in general and the Syrian peace efforts in particular.

Find out more about the survey, and how to take part, HERE.

Questions? Please post them to the Syrian Youth Assembly Group (sign-in required).

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1Please note this survey is an initiative of the Syrian Youth Assembly, and not directly organized by the inter-agency Working Group on Youth and Peacebuilding.