In December 2015, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted the ground-breaking and historic Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS). UNSCR 2250, for the first time, recognizes the important, constructive and positive contributions of youth in the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. It further affirms young people’s important role in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and stresses the importance of engaging youth as partners and leaders in peacebuilding. It also urges Member States to increase active and inclusive representation of youth in decision-making at all levels, as well as to in institutions and mechanisms to prevent and resolve conflict and counter violent extremism.

This guide - developed by the United Network of Young Peacebuilders and Search for Common Ground, on behalf of the Inter-Agency Working Group on Youth and Peacebuilding - is intended to help those interested in beginning to implement UNSCR 2250 locally and nationally to get started by forming a multi-stakeholder alliance around youth, peace and security.