Welcome to the first in a series of Youth4Peace E-consultations, which aim to gather inputs by young people and other stakeholders on a broad range of topics connected to the role of young people in sustaining peace, and the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security.

From 7 to 27 April 2017, we will be focusing on the role of young people in preventing violent extremism

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If you would prefer to keep your responses confidential, you can use a nickname when creating your profile, but we would be grateful if you can include your age in your response for statistical purposes and analysis.

We invite you to comment on one or more of the below questions, and are especially interested in reading about concrete examples, lessons learned and reflections on policy and next steps.

Contributions to all E-Consultation topics will feed into a Consolidated Reply that will expand the knowledge base available on the role of young people in sustaining peace and support the development of the Progress Study on Youth, Peace & Security mandated by UNSCR 2250.


Topic 1: The role of young people in preventing violent extremism
  1. To your knowledge, how do young people work to prevent violent extremism? Please share examples of youth-led initiatives contributing to the prevention of violent extremism in your community/region, including information on what has been their impact.

  2. What are young people’s views on the ways in which violent extremism is being addressed in your country / region / globally? What is being done well? What could be done better?

  3. How can the international community best support youth peacebuilding efforts to prevent violent extremism?

  4. Do you think this is a topic / agenda that receives too much or too little attention? Why?

Meet the Moderators!
Noëlla Richard

Youth Policy Specialist – UNDP Youth Global Programme Manager
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Saji Prelis

Director, Children & Youth Programme
Search for Common Ground (SfCG)