SG reports

Young people have faced unprecedented challenges in the past two years owing to multiple crises: the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, climate change, violence and armed conflict, and their compounded effects. However, the mobilization of young people for peace, social justice, climate action and equality remained unfaltering and critical to the peaceful development of societies. Young women and men have continued to drive peace even though the impact of the pandemic has reinforced barriers and created new challenges for their meaningful participation in peace and security processes.

Second report by the Secretary-General on youth, peace and security. 


Thematic papers

In preparation for the Secretary-General's second report on youth, peace and security, the YPS Secretariat, which is supported by PBSO-DPPA and UNFPA, launched a call for thematic papers. The thematic papers cover various aspects of youth, peace and security with the aim to provide insights on specific countries and regions as well as analysis on youth, peace and security trends, challenges and opportunities.