The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security



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  UNSCR 2250

In December 2015, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted, under the leadership of Jordan, Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS), the first resolution fully dedicated to the important and positive role young women and men play in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security.

Resolution 2250 requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations “to carry out a progress study on the youth’s positive contribution to peace processes and conflict resolution, in order to recommend effective responses at local, national, regional and international levels”, and to present the results of the Study to the United Nations Security Council and Member States.


  The Progress Study

The UN Secretary-General appointed in August 2016 an independent lead author, Graeme Simpson, to develop the Progress Study, as well as an Advisory Group of Experts, including 21 scholars, practitioners and young leaders. UNFPA and PBSO jointly provided secretariat functions for the development of the Study, working in close collaboration with the Office of the Envoy on Youth. A Steering Committee, composed of 34 partners from the UN system, civil society and non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, foundations, etc. oversaw the preparation of the Study.  

The Study is supported by the UN system and partners but it is independent, demonstrating young people’s positive role in sustaining peace and proposing concrete recommendations for the peace and security community to work with young people in new ways. The Study defines critical issues and areas of interventions for the YPS agenda. It is an agenda-setting document, defining a strategy for the implementation of SCR 2250.

A full version of the Study, including detailed information about the research process and a full reference list, will be published by July 2018. 


  Research with Young People at its Heart

The Progress Study was developed through a uniquely participatory research process, including face-to-face discussions (focus group discussionsregional and national consultations) with a total of 4,230 young people, as well as research in 27 countries, surveys and mapping exercises. For an overview of youth consulted for the Progress Study, click here. 

In addition, the Progress Study built on commissioned thematic and country-specific research, which provided evidence on young people’s participation in formal and informal peace processes, and the relationships between the YPS agenda and issues of countering violent extremism, transitional justice, migration, and social media, to name a few. This research also served to identify existing knowledge gaps in youth, peace and security. Most of this research will be available on the Youth4Peace website in the course of 2018. For a full list of the commissioned research for the Progress Study, click here. 


  Acting on UNSCR2250

An Open Debate of the Security Council on Youth, Peace and Security is being organized under the Presidency of Peru on 23 April 2018, the day before the High-level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace organized by the President of the General Assembly (24-25 April). The Security Council version of the YPS Study will be presented in this session.


The overall coordination of the Study is managed by a joint United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) / Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) Secretariat. For more information, please contact Cécile Mazzacurati, Head of the UNFPA/PBSO Secretariat for the Progress Study: [email protected].