Protection Campaign

Are you ready to join us in campaigning for #Youth4Peace #WithoutFear ?

Use the Trello board below to promote the campaign!


About the Campaign 

This is a 6-week campaign, led by UNOY Peacebuilders in collaboration with the UN Youth Envoy's Office (OSGEY) within the GCYPS Communications WG. The primary goal is to raise awareness around threats and challenges young people face in civic space, as well as build momentum towards the launch of the first-ever global report on this topic, commissioned by OSGEY. The content of this campaign is drawn directly from the report.

Post all of June and until mid-July !

The launch is planned on Tuesday, 1st June and the campaign will run until mid-July.

What is on the Trello Board?

  • A key theme for each week
  • Content and visuals for each week
  • Promotion of the high-Level launch of the report event

The Trello board for all to share can be found hereContent and visuals for Week 1 & 2 are already uploaded. Other material will be uploaded every two weeks.

In parallel with promoting the contents of the report, we kindly ask you to also promote from June 4th the high-level launch event scheduled for June 18th. The material for this will also be included in the same Trello board.

The main hashtag for the promotion of the report itself is #IfIDisappear, whereas the main hashtag for the promotion of the campaign overall is #WithoutFear, both complemented by #Youth4Peace