Announcing a UNDP-GW University Research Partnership on Young Women’s Participation in YPS

Youth4Peace Facilitator • 20 February 2017

UNDP, through its Youth-GPS programme, has partnered with the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, to expand the knowledge base on young women’s political participation within the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) Agenda. Over the course of four months, Kausha Luna, Sonya Zhao, Liesl Kim and Ann Yang – four MA International Development Studies candidates – will conduct research and develop policy recommendations regarding youth and gender mainstreaming.

As the team moves forward with their research, they will describe challenges, lessons learned, and opportunities presented in the process. Stay tuned as they will be sharing their insights through a series of blogs posted on this site.


An Update from the Team

Our partnership kicked off with the ECOSOC Youth Forum where we were encouraged by the participation of a diverse group of youth. This forum proved the UN’s dedication to the voices of the youth and their partnership to achieve the sustainable development agenda. As part of this continued effort, it would be insightful to see an interactive panel composed of youth delegates to give participants the opportunity to hear their experiences. We also attended a brown bag meeting where we were exposed to the innovative programs happening all around the world. It was exciting to hear all the creative methods that are being implemented on the field.

Our team strongly believes that youth are essential agents of change, especially in peacebuilding. Youth and women are affected the most in conflicts. As victims and survivors, their voices are vital in the peacebuilding process. Subsequently, we would like to see more youth-led development programs for sustainable change.

Ann, Kausha, Liesl and Sonya