Young people are key in building peaceful, just and inclusive societies. In different parts of the world, young women and men are leading innovative actions that are building and sustaining peace. Despite their contribution, they continue to face significant challenges such as intimidation, lack of political goodwill, financial constraints, under-appreciation and other socioeconomic injustices. The collective power of young people cannot be discounted as it leverages on the largest youth population that the world has seen and the creativity and energy of young people to overcome these obstacles and ensure a direction towards sustainable development.

It is against this background that a UNDP 16 x 16 Dialogue Series was organized, fostering a conversation on amplifying youth-led actions and enhancing youth engagement in decision-making processes towards peaceful, just and inclusive societies and bringing together young people, including those from the UNDP Youth 16 x 16 initiative and beyond, and UNDP practitioners at all levels.

Read the insights from the 16 x 16 Dialogue Series here!


Sixteen young leaders of youth organizations, movements and networks that work towards building peaceful, just and inclusive societies partner with UNDP’s Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace through the UNDP Youth 16 x 16 Initiative and with generous support by the Government of Italy and the Government of Denmark. Since its launch in April 2019 with the support of the Government of Italy, the 16 young leaders have participated in global conversations on peaceful, just and inclusive societies, led the development of a call-to-action on SDG 16, shared their perspectives through a 16 x 16 blog series and social media campaign, provided recommendations to the work of UNDP, and worked with and learned from one another.